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Sandro G in Boston, MA!

June 23, 2019


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Born 1978 on the Island of Sao Miguel, Azores, Autonomous Region of Portugal.  Sandro G immigrated to the United States, at the age of nine settling in Boston, Massachusetts.



He learned English by mimicking the rap artists of the time such as L.L. Cool J and Run DMC.   At  age eleven he began writing lyrics in  Portuguese  and  in  1998  began recording Portuguese  Hip-Hop  Music.    In  2002  he   independently released  the  album  “Portugal”  in the  Luso-American and Canadian markets.  With the success of that album, Sandro G  was  discovered  by  Herman Jose  of Sic show in Lisbon, Portugal.  Sandro then was signed by NZ Productions and was  distributed   by   Universal   Music Portugal.    In 2003 released the “GALINHA” album which quickly became a cult phenomenon.  That same year the compellation CD’s Now #9, Casa Castelo,  and  Ultimo  Verao  were  released  featuring the  hit  single  Galinha.  From 2004 to present, he has been performing  throughout the Azores, Canada and the United States.  During these years he released 9 additional albums for a total of 11 albums to date.


Growing up as an immigrant on the streets of Boston, street life  eventually  caught  up  with  Sandro.  Having been incarcerated several   times and thru the deaths of close personal friends he eventually  spiraled  down  into deep depression.  He successfully turned his life around and has become a role model to many thousands by advocating against drug addiction and for the plight of the deported.


Now nearly 21 years after pioneering Portuguese Hip-Hop Rap, Sandro G    Is currently in preparation to drop his 12th album hitting the road   Worldwide. Sandro has taken Portuguese Hip-Hop Rap to a new dimension,  By merging traditional Portuguese ballads with contemporary bi-lingual Hip-Hop lyrics, he has created an Island flavored style known as “RAP ACOREANO”...  

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